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For some reason this review always pops up under my Aunts Account. But I have been a member with this office for several years now. As you all know finding a GOOD dentist is VERY hard. But to find a good dentist and a good team is like asking for the world. Well I must say this is what I have been asking for. This office is really on point and the customer service is 5 stars! The new office is very nice and easy to find as well. Please keep up the good work.
Calvin Gilreath

Patricia Hines

Spent several months shadowing here under Dr. Nasr. Had a fantastic time and everyone was very caring and professional. Dr. Nasr is extremely versed, knowledgeable and taught me many valuable lessons regarding dentistry. Dr. Nasr and his staff go above and beyond to provide the best service to their patients

Pieman Samar

I’ve been here almost 3 yrs and I have found my family’s dentist. They are very professional and compassionate. This is the first office I’ve been to where they value you a a customer. Dr. Nasir is very passionate about his field and is very proactive about your dental health. My son is 5 and his staff has been nothing but awesome with him. They have been the best dental office for my family needs. They are very family oriented and give you that every time you walk into the office. Thank you Dr Nasir and staff.

Venus Anderson

Been going here ten years. My not so young anymore teeth have needed treatments ranging from simple to pretty complex. The man has skills! He takes pride in doing everything the best way possible. The staff is great too. Top notch in every way.

Clay Hudgins

Dr. Nasr is the absolute best. After numerous years as a patient, he has put my dental Heath foremost. Gentle and painless. All staff treat you as a close friend and part of the family Convenient location to parking and metro. Highly recommend.

Timothy Taylor

Dr Nasr and his team are the best! I recommend them to everyone since they are professional, highly skilled and do an excellent job taking care of their patients. Kathy does the best cleanings and is very friendly. Dr Nasr is gentle, attentive and really cares about his patients and their dental health. I have been going here for over 14 years and feel very lucky to have Dr Nasr as my dentist!

Mitra Pitts

I was referred by a coworker, and I am very happy with my decision to see Dr. Nasr. He is very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me. I'm expecting, and he was very sensitive to my condition and the importance of dental health during pregnancy. Catherine the hygienist is amazing too. I'm definitely referring all my coworkers to them now too!

Allison Gatrone

The entire office is so welcoming and professional! They take the time to answer all of your questions, and walk you through your treatment options. Definitely recommend!

Kayla Wills

I've been a patient here for almost ten years and everyone is both professional and personable. Quality workmanship!

Gregory Borsari

I was referred to Dr. Nasr by a coworker. She liked the office. I really like it too. Everyone is nice and personable. I’ve been going to this office for 3 years and I’m happy here. I’ve gotten great service and they validate parking. I would recommend it to anyone.

Sarah Quackenbush

Dr. Nasr is an awesome dentist! Totally professional and courteous, as his staff. Appointments are easy to make...and more importantly, easy to change. The location is conveniently located in Crystal City, about 1.5 blocks from the Metro and there is a parking garage literally steps away (and yes, they validate).

As far as the idea of Dr. Nasr being a pitchman for unnecessary work and products: yes, I can see how it may come across as that. But, in truth, I think he is giving you various options on how to proceed. I've been in his dentist chair while he talks about additional procedures and products. Me, I like to be an educated consumer so I'm not afraid to ask questions and Dr. Nasr honestly answers them. If you flat out say "no" or "I'll think about it" to him or his staff, the conversation ends there on a respectful note.

Overall, I'm pleased with Dr. Nasr, his staff, and the work done!

Kevin S.

Dr. Nasr is an amazing dentist, and all of his staff is too. I was referred by a coworker, and I'm very happy with my decision to see him. I am expecting, and he was very sensitive to my condition and my special needs. I actually learned a lot from him about the importance of dental health during pregnancy and how important it is for the baby. His office staff are very pleasant and Catherine the hygienist is awesome. I am so happy I found his office, and I am going to refer all my coworkers to him now!

Allison G.

Dr. Nasr has been my Dentist for over 15yrs. He is not only very professional but also a caring person. I have always felt he has my best interest in mind. The care, advice and treatment plan is thoroughly discussed. Visiting the office is always a welcoming experience, Dr. Nasr and his staff always take the time to treat you like you are family member.
I wish I could give 10 stars!!!

John S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nasr since he began his practicing here at Crystal City Dental, many years ago. I visit the office twice yearly, as does my husband. We have always left pleased and feel that we are in excellent hands where our dental health is concerned. Catherine is THE BEST hygienist...there can be no one better than her. She is a magician when it comes to getting our teeth pearly white! So, in summary, we are very happy to be patients of Dr. Nasr! (parking is easy too)

Maureen M.

Dr. Nasr provides a high level of dental care. He is careful and cares about the health and aesthetics of your teeth. I came to Dr. Nasr after another dentist found a cavity (the first in many years) and put a new filling next to a 30-year old filling. I wasn't confident of the work done so I came to Dr. Nasr, who pointed out and I agree this makes no sense as old filling surely lose their seal over time. And, I was fortunate to have full trust in Dr. Nasr because I know him from college so I know he is brilliant, and a good and trustworthy person! He has now replaced all my silver fillings with white ones, and he evened out my front teeth and bonded a small chip, which bothered me for many years. I am very pleased with the hygienist too as it's not my favorite activity - she is thorough and it's not uncomfortable despite my sensitivity. (I have no idea why Yelp thinks I live in San Francisco - I am in Northern Virginia).

Sharon D.

Dr Nasr and his team are awesome! I am totally confused by the negative reviews I've read, as I have NEVER had a bad experience. I am generally anxious when visiting the dentist but Dr Nasr is personable and does an excellent job of explaining each step which eases any anxiety. My family and I are pleased with the service provided and offer his name to anyone who looking for a dentist. Do not let the negative comments of others keep you from building a relationship with a great long term dental office.

He and his staff have even made my 4 year old feel so comfortable that she gets excited about her trips to the dentist!

Janae W.

I have been going to Dr Nasr for almost a year now and have had quite a bit of work done. I have to say he is great! Although treatment costs are not cheap.....but what dentist is?..............they have several different ways to finance costs and also take many different dental plans. He is very personable and really cares about what dental problems you are having and the best and most inexpensive ways to treat them.
I have had to call him after hours and he is just as nice and caring as he is when I see him in the office. I would def send my friends and family memebers here!

Sandy S.

I've been going to Dr Nasr for almost 7 years now. He's a great dentist, is up to date on the latest dental technologies, and is extremely personable. He does a great job explaining issues, what needs to be done, and has been able to squeeze me in without an appointment during emergencies. The dental hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and getting me in on time and out quickly. The practice administrator has done a great job submitting claims, helping me understand my insurance, and has worked with me on financing. Appointments are easy to make and switch. They also validate parking.

Brian R.

The office staff at Dr. Nasr's office is exceptional. Each member of the staff is friendly and helpful. They work to find appointments to fit your schedule and treat each patient with importance. I have been seen on short notice several times with no problem. Dr. Nasr explains each treatment and procedure skillfully to ensure you have a complete understanding of what is going on. He is caring and very competent in his dental work. I've even received a personal call from Dr. Nasr checking on my condition following a procedure. I really appreciate the care, attention and treatment I've received from Dr. Nasr and his office staff. Highly recommend making an appointment.

Ashley S.

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